Muffle Furnace with Digital PID Controller
Cat. No Model Description Unit Prices
F08-02-110 LF-MS230  Muffle Furnace w/ PID Control 3L 1/EA Inquiry
F08-02-120 LF-MS350  Muffle Furnace w/ PID Control 4.5L 1/EA Inquiry
F08-02-130 LF-MS513  Muffle Furnace w/ PID Control 12L 1/EA Inquiry
F08-02-133 LF-MS550  Muffle Furnace w/ PID Control 14L 1/EA Inquiry
F08-02-135 LF-MS627  Muffle Furnace w/ PID Control 27L 1/EA Inquiry

 Muffle Furnace with Program Controller
Cat. No Model Description Unit Prices
F08-02-140 LF-MS230P  Muffle Furnace w/ Program Control 3L 1/EA Inquiry
F08-02-150 LF-MS350P  Muffle Furnace w/ Program Control 4.5L 1/EA Inquiry
F08-02-160 LF-MS513P  Muffle Furnace w/ Program Control 12L 1/EA Inquiry
F08-02-173 LF-MS550P  Muffle Furnace w/ Program Control 14L 1/EA Inquiry
F08-02-175 LF-MS627P  Muffle Furnace w/ Program Control 27L 1/EA Inquiry