• Shaking Water Bath

• Horizontal Shaking Type (No Noise and Stable Motion)
• Easy Opening and Closing Lid
• Maintaining Uniform Temperature inside Bath
• Prevent of Condensate Water Drop by Triangle Shape Lid
• Installing Drain Tap for Easier Drain from Bath
• Simple and Intuitive User Interface with Graphic LCD Display
• Automatical Fault Sensing System (Bath itself can detect an unusual situation.)
• Double Overheat Safety Device - 1st Controller Overheat Alarm, 2nd Overheat Shut Off Circuit
• Auto Tuning & Temperature, RPM calibration function
• Included Spring Rack
• Slow Start Function
• LK Labkorea

상세 규격 표
Cat. No. Model Capacity R.P.M
B04-44-050 LB-SW025 25 L 20 ~ 180
B04-44-060 LB-SW035 35 L
B04-44-070 LB-SW060 60 L
상세 규격 표
Cat. No. B04-44-050 B04-44-060 B04-44-070
Model LB-SW025 LB-SW035 LB-SW060
Capacity 25 L 35 L 60 L
Controller Control PID Control, Auto-tuning
Display LED Segment
Resolution 0.1℃
Temperature Range Ambient +10 to +100℃
Accuracy at 50℃ ±0.3℃
Uniformity at 50℃ ±0.85℃ ±1.00℃ ±1.20℃
Shaking Speed 20 ~ 180 rpm
Motion Horizontal
Stroke 30 mm
Size Interior w320×d350×h240 mm w400×d350×h240 mm w600×d400×h240 mm
Exterior w560×d420×h420 mm w660×d420×h420 mm w860×d470×h420 mm
Spring Rack w215×d265×h120 mm w315×d265×h120 mm w515×d315×h120 mm
Material Interior 304 Stainless Steel
Exterior Powder Coated Steel
Power 1 Phase / 220 VAC / 60 Hz
Max Consumption 1.6 Kw (7.2 A) 2.1 Kw (9.6 A) 2.6 Kw (11.9 A)
Power Line Standard Plug
Other Drain 1/4” Hose Nipple Male
Safety Over Temp. & Current Protection
Validation Service
Cat. No. Model Description
B04-91-997 VA-SW100 Validation for Shaking Water Bath
  • ● 당사 기본 양식에 따른 IQ/OQ Validation Service 비용이며, 지역이나 고객 요청에 의하여 비용이 변경될 수 있음