• Vacuum Oven, Program Type

• Prevent Spreading Powder Sample Function from External Air Inflow After Vacuum Released
• Observation Inside through Double Safety Glass Door
• Available to Set Temperature's Increasing, Maintaining and Decreasing Time
• Controlling of Physical & Chemical Changing of Sample by Heated Oxygen with Maintaining Vacuum Status of Inside Chamber
• Available to Prevent Temperature Overshoot and Precision Temperature Control
• Installation of RS485 PC Communication Device
• Available to Set and Repeat 2 Patterns / 18 Segments Program
• Available to Programmable Output of Temperature Event and Timer Event
• Available to Programmable Outer Control
• Auto Tunning, Temperature Calibration Available
• Automatical Fault Sensing System (By itself can detect an unusual situation.)
• Double Overheat Safety Device - 1st Controller Overheat Alarm, 2nd Overheat Shut Off Circuit
• LK Labkorea

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Cat. No Model Type Capacity
O01-02-304 LO-VP232N Program Control 8 L
O01-02-312 LO-VP313N 28 L
O01-02-320 LO-VP424N 65 L
O01-02-322 LO-VP525N 125 L
Cat. No. O01-02-304 O01-02-312 O01-02-320 O01-02-322
Model LO-VP232N LO-VP313N LO-VP424N LO-VP525N
Capacity 8 L 28 L 65 L 125 L
Controller Control Program Control, Auto-tuning
Display GLCD(Graphic LCD)
Resolution 0.01℃
Temperature Range 50 to 250℃
Vacuum -0.1 Mpa
Size Interior w200×d200×h200 mm w300×d300×h300 mm w400×d400×h400 mm w500×d500×h500 mm
Exterior w370×d350×h510 mm w470×d460×h615 mm w570×d560×h720 mm w770×d650×h830 mm
Material Interior Stainless Steel 304
Exterior Powder Coated Steel



Power 1 Pase, 220Vac, 50/60 Hz
Max Consumption 600 W (2.8 A) 600 W (2.8 A) 1.6 kW (7.3 A) 2.5 kW (11.2 A)
Power Line Standard Plug
Other Aluminum Shelf 1 ea 2 ea
Vacuum Port 1/4” Hose Nipple male
Vent Port 1/4” Hose Nipple male
Safety Over Temp. & Current Protection, Automatical Fault Sensing System
Validation Service
Cat. No Model Description
O01-91-997 VA-VO100 Validation for Vacuum Oven
  • ● 당사 기본 양식에 따른 IQ/OQ Validation Service 비용이며, 고객 요청에 의하여 비용이 변경될 수 있음
Optional Accessory
Cat. No. Model Type
O01-96-100 SI300 Sign Tower Lamp
B04-01-085 LI-USB RS485 to USB Communication Cable
O01-02-381 LO-VSSG01 Spare Silicon Gasket for 8 L
O01-02-383 LO-VSSG02 for 28 L
O01-02-385 LO-VSSG03 for 65 L
O01-02-387 LO-VSSG04 for 125 L