• Forced Convection Oven, Standard-type

• Uniform temperature distribution by forced convection of heat flow
• 5-step flow control prevents spreading a sample
• Fan stopping function with the door open to minimize temperature change and consider
  the safety of the operator
• Observation inside through triple tempered glass window without the door open
• Upper vent hole for venting gases
• Simple and intuitive user interface with graphic LCD display
• 2 type timer function installed (start at the same time as driving or start after reaching target temperature)
• Auto tuning, and temperature calibration available
• Installed ports RS485 for PC communication (communication program can download on www.lklab.com)
• Automatic fault sensing system by itself can detect an unusual situation (Patent Registration)
• Double overheat safety device - 1st controller overheat alarm, 2nd overheat shut off a circuit
• LK Labkorea

Cat. No Model Type Capacity
O01-02-020 LO-FS050 PID Controller 60 L
O01-02-024 LO-FS100 100 L
O01-02-032 LO-FS150 150 L
O01-02-040 LO-FS250 250 L
Optional Accessory
Cat. No. Model Type
O01-96-100 SI300 Sign Tower Lamp
B04-01-085 LI-USB RS485 to USB Communication Cable
O01-02-401 LO-FSSH01 Spare Wire Shelf for 60 L
O01-02-403 LO-FSSH02 for 100 L
O01-02-405 LO-FSSH03 for 150 L
O01-02-407 LO-FSSH04 for 250 L
O01-02-411 LO-FSSH11 Optional Perforated Plate Shelf for 60 L
O01-02-413 LO-FSSH12 for 100 L
O01-02-415 LO-FSSH13 for 150 L
O01-02-417 LO-FSSH14 for 250 L
Cat. No. O01-02-020 O01-02-024 O01-02-032 O01-02-040
Model LO-FS050 LO-FS100 LO-FS150 LO-FS250
Capacity 60 L 100 L 150 L 250 L
Controller Range PID Control, Auto-tuning
Display GLCD (Graphic LCD)
Resolution 0.01℃
Timer Run start / Wait start (99 hr 59 min)
Fan Speed 1 ~ 5 Step
Temperature Range 주변온도 +10℃ to +250℃
Accuracy at 100℃ ±0.3℃
Uniformity at 100℃ ±1.5℃ ±1.5℃ ±1.7℃ ±1.8℃
Size Interior (mm) w400×d350×h420 w480×d400×h530 w550×d460×h600 w700×d600×h600
External (mm) w530×d625×h745 w610×d675×h855 w680×d735×h925 w830×d875×h940
Weight 55 Kg 63 Kg 75 Kg 90 Kg
Material Interior Stainless Steel 304
Exterior Powder Coated Steel



Power 1 Phase, 220Vac, 50/60 Hz
Max Consumption 900 W(4.1 A) 1.5 kW(6.8 A) 1.8 kW(8.2 A) 2.6 kW(11.9 A)
Power Line Standard Plug
Other Wire Shelf 1 ea 2 ea 3 ea
Vent Hole Φ38 mm×2 ea
Safety Over Temp. & Current Protection, Automatical Fault Sensing System