• Low Temp. Incubator / B.O.D Incubator

• Precision Control Implementation by 0.01°C
• Precision Temperature Distribution Inside with Internal Circulating Fan
• Minimize Temperature Changing by Fan Stopping Function with Door Open
• 5 Step Flow Control Prevent Spreading Sample
• Simple and Intuitive User Interface with Graphic LCD Display
• Double Overheat Safety Device - 1st Controller Overheat Alarm, 2nd Overheat Shut Off Circuit
• Timer Installed for Microorganism Test and Food Industrial Quality Maintaining
• Inner Glass Door Installed • 2 type Timer Function Installed
• Cable Port Available upon Request (Option)
• Auto Tuning and Temperature Calibration Function Installed
• Installed Ports RS485 for PC Communication
• Automatical Fault Sensing System (By itself can detect an unusual situation.)
• Power Failure Compensation Function
• LK Labkorea

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Cat. No Model Capacity Temp. Range
I03-91-045 LI-IL060 60 L 0 ~ 70℃
I03-91-055 LI-IL150 150 L
I03-91-065 LI-IL250 250 L
I03-91-075 LI-IL450 450 L
Tool/Dispersing Element for T10 basic
Cat. No. I03-91-045 I03-91-055 I03-91-065 I03-91-075
Model LI-IL060 LI-IL150 LI-IL250 LI-IL450
Capacity 60 L 150 L 250 L 450 L
Controller Control PID Control, Auto-tuning
Display GLCD (Graphic LCD)
Resolution 0.01℃
Timer Run start / Wait start (99 hr 59 min)
Fan Speed 1 ~ 5 Step
Temperature Range 0 ~ 70℃
Accuracy at 37℃ ±0.3℃
Uniformity at 37℃ ±0.60℃ ±0.63℃ ±0.76℃ ±0.98℃
Size Interior w420×d350×h450 mm w505×d505×h600 mm w505×d505×h1000 mm w720×d620×h1000 mm
Exterior w580×d640×h1080 mm w665×d810×h1300 mm w665×d810×h1700 mm w880×d920×h1700 mm
Material Interior Stainless Steel 304
Exterior Powder Coated Steel
Electric Supply Power 1 Phase / 220VAC / 60 Hz
Max Consumption 1.2 kW (5.5 A) 1.6 kW (7.3 A) 1.8 kW (8.2 A) 2.3 kW (10.5 A)
Power Line Standard Plug
Other Wire shelf 1 ea 2 ea 3 ea
Caster Leveling Caster
Safety Over Temp. & Current Protection, Automatical Fault Sensing System
Validation Service
Cat. No Model Description
I03-91-998 VA-LI100 Validation for B.O.D Incubator
  • ● 당사 기본 양식에 따른 IQ/OQ Validation Service 비용이며, 고객 요청에 의하여 비용이 변경될 수 있음
Optional Accessory
Cat. No Model Type
B04-01-085 LI-USB RS485 to USB Communication Cable
I03-91-800 LI-ISSH060 Spare Shelf for 60 L
I03-91-810 LI-ISSH150 Spare Shelf for 150 L
I03-91-820 LI-ISSH250 Spare Shelf for 250 L
I03-91-825 LI-ISSH450 Spare Shelf for 450 L